Five Father’s Day Clothing Items to Get your Dad in Style

Five Father’s Day Clothing Items to Get your Dad in Style | Oceans Gallery

Five Father’s Day Clothing Items to Get your Dad in Style

We've all been there: Father's Day is approaching, and millions of people around the world are scratching their heads, wondering what to buy for their dads. The truth is dads are difficult to buy for!

We've all been through the tired cliché of buying fancy beers, beard grooming kits, and savory snacks for dads. The same old gifts are bought by millions of people every year, so much to the point that plenty of dads can probably predict what they're going to get for Father's Day like clockwork! So why not switch it up this year?

Why not elevate his style instead of buying your dad the usual cop-out gifts? If there's one thing many dads suffer from, it's a lack of fashion sense! Unless your dad is a rare fashion aficionado, his wardrobe probably looks like a time capsule of whatever period his first child was born. Mix those clothes in with some smart-casual attire for dinners and family barbeques, and you'll have the epitome of the 'Dad wardrobe.'

It doesn't have to be this way! So this Father's Day, throw your dad headfirst into the 2020s with some fresh and stylish clothing. Your dad might not say it, but we're sure he'll appreciate a revitalization of his wardrobe; with no finger on the pulse of the fashion world, he's probably not going to do it himself!

Oceans Gallery’s Collection is Perfect for Father’s Day

Here at Oceans Gallery, our team of designers aims to push the boundaries of everyday streetwear while still providing widely liked and accessible clothing. So we have all the benefits of being at the cutting edge of modern fashion while still having clothes that will impress every man like your father!

No matter your dad's style, there will be something in our collection that is sure to make his Father's Day; and the benefit of our clothing doesn't just stop at its aesthetic value! We know that dads love functionality in their outfits, and our designers have worked tirelessly to provide functional and stylish outfits, such as our 3D Cargo T-shirts and our 5-pocket Cargo bottoms.

We’ve carefully curated a list of five items that are perfect gifts for Father’s Day to get your dad in style!

Our Bamboo Socks

While it may be a boring gift for the young ones, the older a man gets, the more he appreciates a great pair of socks. But, of course, nothing quite beats the cozy feeling of a new, quality pair of socks on your feet, and what better socks to buy than our staple bamboo socks?

Our bamboo socks come in a black and white colorway, making them wearable with just about any item of clothing in your father's wardrobe. What sets our socks apart from your boring old regular socks is their bamboo cotton and polyester blend, sure to kick your dad's Father's Day off in style in comfort. In addition, the socks are cushioned softly and feature a jacquard knit logo at rib-knit cuffs.

These socks are the perfect safe option to ease your dad into the modern world of fashion. Our bamboo socks are a fantastic way to start if you're looking to spice up your dad's wardrobe without throwing him into the deep end of the 2022 fashion world. We're sure these socks will make Father's Day feel like heaven for your dad's feet, and at only $20, they're an absolute steal!

Our Black on Black 3D Cargo T-Shirt
We know how fussy some dads can be about bright and flashy colors. But, if your dad is one to keep it simple with his fashion, then there is no better T-shirt to get him than our black 3D cargo T-shirt.

Not just any old T-shirt, this garment features our signature 3D cargo pocket with a custom engraved OG metal zipper. This means your dad can fit all his essentials in one subtle spot on his T-shirt. This is perfect for Father's Day; as if there's one thing dads enjoy, it's a bit of functionality in their fashion!

We don't need to look any further than the swarms of Dads who hit the beach in their cargo shorts to prove this; why not bring the functionality of the cargo shorts to the T-shirt too!?

Our designers have made sure that the cargo pocket on this shirt is unintrusive and stylish, making it the perfect Father's Day gift for any apprehensive dads who are picky with their fashion. This T-shirt is not too loud or crazy, just pure functionality, comfort, and style.

Our Brown on White 3D Cargo T-Shirt

Is your dad not one for the all-black look in his outfits? Then we still have a perfect T-shirt to make his Father’s Day: The 3D Cargo T-Shirt in white. How can you go wrong with a white T-shirt? This garment is sure to blend perfectly with anything in your dad's wardrobe. In addition, it features our signature cargo pocket in brown, which is a great color due to its versatility.

This may be the perfect T-shirt for your dad to wear on a summer family outing. The shirt looks fantastic when paired with some shorts, and your dad can store his valuables such as keys and wallet in the brown pocket listed. With its functionality, comfort, and versatility, this shirt will surely wow your dad when he opens it on Father's Day.

Our Green 5 Pocket Cargo Pants

Picking back up on the dad community's love for functionality, there's no better Father's Day gift for your dad than a pair of our staple five pocket cargo pants. These green cargo pants are inspired by the traditional military green cargos worn by soldiers, making them a perfect fit for your dad's wardrobe.

If your dad desperately needs a bold centerpiece for some of his outfits, this is the perfect Father's Day gift for him! Its rich olive color is perfect for the fall and winter months in which dads thrive best!

With five pockets and utility strings with adjustable clips, the possibilities are endless for your dad as to what he can put in these stylish trousers. In addition, wallet, keys, and phone are easily accounted for, with room for more!

All of this space can let your dad drop the backpack and get about on his day with style, making this a great choice for Father's Day to bring new life to your dad's wardrobe.



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