Four essential cargo pants you need in your wardrobe

Four essential cargo pants you need in your wardrobe | Oceans Gallery

Cargo pants have been revitalized in recent years as a go-to staple in any men's wardrobe. They've been able to have a redesign that has the best of both worlds when it comes to function and form. They provide the necessary additional storage space needed. Also at the same time, they come in a variety of colors that will suit any situation.

That's why Oceans Gallery has brought this style back with such force as part of its mission. The mission is to bring in designer and high-end streetwear with the needed extra pockets. The design of all of these clothes has a thoughtful conception in New York City. This city is the center of fashion and street style combined.

Each part of these cargo pants has been meticulously thought out. This ranges from the thin pockets at the hip to the five overall pockets on each of our cargo pants.

The first two pockets are larger than the other three situated below. The right side has three versus the two on the left side, as that is prominently the more dominant side. Therefore this makes it a more efficient place to keep your items. Each cargo pocket comes with a metal OG zipper that provides durability and security and adds metallic contracts to the cargo pants themselves.

Our Cream Cargo Pants

No longer just something to wear in the summertime, our cream cargo pants are perfect for those that are looking for a pop of brightness when they head out. Similar to black, when you're wearing white cargo pants, you can match it nicely with any type of top. The more contrasting, the better.

Cream works similar to black in a lot of ways. This means that there’s really no wrong way to pair it up. Even if you were going to consider cream for the rest of the outfit. Just keep in mind to watch them getting dirty.

They'll look great during the summer months and feel great too, as they're made with 100% cotton. So you'll be able to go from beach party to underground club without the need for a wardrobe change and still be able to keep a chic style. Feel free to pair the top portions with brighter colors that bring out the spring and summer in the warmer months.

Don't be afraid to pop these in colder months, especially during the winter. They'll look great with more neutral tops and additions and be a pleasant pop of color on days that are usually overcast and grey.

Remember, there's no fashion faux pas when it comes to streetwear and cream. Grabbing these will also have you out there with a more refined and fashion-forward style than most others. As always, they will really look good with anything.

Our Green Cargo Pants

These green cargo pants borderline a nice olive color that is perfect for the fall and winter months. When wearing a rich, bold color, it's always best to let it be the spotlight of the entire outfit. Whether you pair it with neutral tops or brown boots, you'll definitely get attention wearing a pair of these wherever you go.

The OG bright metallic zippers offer the perfect element to round out this pair of cargo pants. It keeps you with more earthy tones while still adding that streetwear look that’s commonplace with all of our items.

These are great when you’re looking to strike that right balance between keeping it simple and keeping it real. They may not be as loud as the other options we offer, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a statement piece.

You may feel as if you’re ready to go on an adventure and want to have the right look and element with you wherever your excursion takes you. These green pants help to present you as someone that's ready to take action and help give out that energy every single time.

Or maybe you're looking on taking that nice stroll through the Autumn weather. They're perfect to wear as the leaves change, enjoying the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. So when looking to enhance your wardrobe, you cannot go wrong with these green cargo pants.

Our Brown Cargo Pants

When looking to add a flair of sophistication to your streetwear style, then look no further than grabbing a pair of our brown cargo pants. You can complete the streetwear look with our matching white 3D cargo T-Shirt that has the same brown matching color pocket. Pair these up with your favorite pair of black shoes, and you’ll always be the most stylish in the room.

Or you can go down a more clean look and pair these brown cargo pants with slick work boots. These can be either matching or black boots, and combine them with a simple tee shirt and jacket. This helps you take advantage of the militaristic nature of the cargo pants. You also get to have a clean utilitarian look with the right accents throughout the entire outfit to enhance your appearance.

Although not restricted to any particular season, these brown cargo pants will go best in the autumn/winter months as well. This is due to their darker hues and will pair best with earthier tones that are more appropriate for the season.

However, that doesn't mean you need to pack them away during any season, as they'll look great year-round. This is the perfect way to build out that image that you’re working on and taking a more serious tone than with the other colors.

Our Black Pants

The only pair of our cargo pants that are actually made of 100% nylon. Our Black Cargo Pants are ready to bring your streetwear game to the next level. First of all, you're probably going to feel a lot more comfortable in these cargo pants. This is due to the flexibility provided by the material, which is paramount.

They're also a lot more flattering when it comes to style compared to other pants and the latest fashions. So be prepared to be noticed wherever you walk when you're wearing one of our black cargo pants and to see the envy in their eyes.

Another thing you're going to notice is a nice swish when you're walking into the party, wherever it may be. They also come with the right type of sheen that will be noticed and reflect perfectly in any type of lounge or club setting. This makes them an ideal choice for a fun night out.

They're also extremely lightweight to add to the freedom of movement when you're out. So they're ideal whether you're running to your next event or want to show off your moves out on the dance floor.

The OG zippers offer the perfect complement to the sheen provided by these comfortable black cargo pants. We find our most stylish customers usually pair this with our all-over logo T-shirt. These will also have the perfect streetwear style, complete with a clean, smooth pair of white sneakers. That will help give more definition to the outfit.

A great pair regardless of color

If you're trying to decide which pair of our cargo pants to get yourself, you should really be telling yourself which pair to grab first. Eventually, you'll want to have a rounded-out collection that our cargo pants help to provide. This means you'll have the right pants for any occasion.

All of our cargo pants come with stylish satin utility strings. These help you adjust both the top and bottom to fit properly on you. In turn, fitting with the look and style you're going for.

If you're looking to flare out, then you leave the bottom strings as is. If you're looking for a tighter feel, then close out the bottoms and dip them into your boots. This helps us maintain our vision of producing some of the best streetwear out on the market today.

It also ensures that every piece is as versatile as the next. So you can easily mix and match with our remaining styles or your other favorite brands.



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