Three T-Shirts You Need While Traveling

Three T-Shirts You Need While Traveling | Oceans Gallery

Did you know that T-Shirts originate from the Spanish-American War of 1913? The U.S. Navy invented T-shirts to serve as a simple undergarment for military gear. They weren't viewed as fashion staples or even as something that should be seen on an outfit! They were merely just a comfortable mediator between the skin and military outfits. 

We're sure that the U.S. military wasn't quite aware of just how big of a cultural impact they would have when they tailored their first humble undershirt. However, fast forward over one hundred years, and T-shirts are now a staple of fashion that can be found in anybody's wardrobe; and the variation of T-shirt types available means that there's a shirt out there to fit anyone.

But anyone with a keen eye may have noticed a sense of stagnancy in the T-shirt world. That is, just about every retailer stocks so many T-shirts out there, and none of them are attempting to stand out or innovate! The thought of innovating a T-shirt may sound nonsensical. You may question: How would someone even innovate a T-shirt? Oceans Gallery has you covered!

The Perfect Travelling T-Shirts

At Oceans Gallery, our team aims to push fashion further than its perceived boundaries. So while we do offer T-shirts that are high quality and pleasing to the eye, we also have worked to make sure our T-shirts are at the cutting edge of fashion by establishing a functionality in our range that you can't find anywhere else.

We recognized the increasing trends of cargo pants across the fashion world and designed our staple pants, which have served as functional and stylish trousers that have set people aside from the crowd. However, when our attention turned to the illustrious T-Shirt, we toyed around with integrating our renowned cargo pocket motif into our designs. The result was the 3D Cargo T-shirt: The perfect style and travel companion.

Our 3D Cargo T-Shirts have been meticulously designed to incorporate a pocket which is the staple of our 5 Pocket Cargo Pants, in a way that looks natural and easy on the eye. For the keen traveler, this means you have an extra handy pocket to stash valuable items that you quite literally hold close to your heart!

Each shirt is in a classic fit and has our signature cargo pocket and metal zipper on the breast. We've worked hard to ensure that this pocket is lightweight and unintrusive, not just aesthetically but functionally too! Take a look at our range, and we're sure you'll agree that our unique 3D Cargo T-shirts are pleasing to the eye in a way you would never expect from a shirt with a cargo pocket.

If you're a traveler looking for some extra space to hold your valuables while still looking sleek and stylish, here are three of the colorways for our 3D Cargo T-shirt that will be perfect for your journeys:

Our Green on Black 3D Cargo T-Shirt

This 3D Cargo T-Shirt offers a 100% black cotton yT-Shirt with a military green cargo pocket and embroidered logo. An homage to the traditional military cargo style, the green color we've used aims to mimic the staple iconography one thinks of when they think of the 'cargo pants.' 

This makes this t-shirt a perfect option for anyone bold enough to pull off the 'double cargo' look with matching green cargo bottoms. With this outfit, you could walk around the town of any city without even needing a bag because of all the functional pockets you have on your outfit!

The pop of green, which stands out on top of its black background, will be sure to start some conversations and bring your outfit a unique tinge while maintaining a fashionable style.

Since the base of the shirt is black, this colorway can be matched nicely with just about any clothing while still looking stylish. However, we recommend matching the shirt with complementary colors to the pop of military green. For instance, try some navy blue bottoms or a light turquoise hat to blend the the outfit's colors well. 

Our Black on Black 3D Cargo T-Shirt

This T-shirt is one of our most popular items due to the versatility of its black color. The shirt is 100% organic cotton and lends itself to a loose fit with a custom engraved O.G. metal zipper attached to the cargo pocket. This shirt is aimed at being wearable on any occasion, as the black-on-black colorway allows it to be matched with any combination.

This colorway is perfect for anyone looking for some subtlety in their cargo pocket. While the black and green colorway is intended to show off the cargo pocket, this colorway is aimed at anyone who is looking to maintain the aesthetic of a regular t-shirt while still benefiting from the extra-functional space of the cargo pocket.

If you're traveling in a bustling foreign city and want to keep your most valuable belongings concealed and close, this shirt provides a perfect solution while still maintaining a sleek style.

We’ve found this shirt works incredibly well when matched with any item of clothing due to its neutral black color. However, we recommend trying this shirt on with an all-black outfit and experimenting with materials to make your style interesting.

For example, why not pair the shirt with our nylon black cargo bottoms and some black boots to give your outfit some depth and interest?

Our Brown on White 3D Cargo T-Shirt

Perfect for the summer months, this white T-shirt with a brown embroidered O.G. cargo pocket is the brightest option in our range thus far. This shirt is perfect for the summer traveler who is looking to embrace the sun in style while keeping their possessions safe.

The brown pop of the shirt makes for an excellent color to build outfits from due to the great sunny color combinations that are available with it. In addition, Brown goes fantastically with summer colors like orange, yellow, and subtle pinks. We recommend pairing the shirt with shorts and hats in these colors for the perfect summer traveling outfit.

One summer staple that took the world by storm is the 'man-bag' which straps around the T-shirt. With our brown pocket, you can do away with the extra weight and keep your essentials like keys and earbuds in the cargo pocket to give you flexibility and style while you travel.

This means you don't have to weigh down the pockets of your shorts or resort to unnecessary storage in the form of a man bag if you're going for an outing to chillax in the sun.


Our designers have worked tirelessly to provide a range of clothing that push the boundaries of our understanding of classical forms in fashion, such as the illustrious T-shirt.

As a result, we feel we've provided a new and stylish way to add functionality to outfits without ruining their style. Our 3D Cargo T-shirts have proven to be a hit in the fashion world and make for the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe.

If you're a fashion-focused traveler who still needs to maintain functionality within their outfits, then our 3D Cargo T-shirt range is the perfect fit for your traveling needs.

Our range of colorways means that no matter your taste or style, we'll have a t-shirt that can fit perfectly with your traveling wardrobe. Are you a sun-seeker looking to visit the natural beauties of the world? Try our white T-shirt with a brown cargo pocket to give your outfit some extra flair!

Are you a city hopper looking for some extra subtle space to store your valuables? Our black-on-black 3D cargo shirt has you covered. The possibilities are endless with our top range at Oceans Gallery.

If you're feeling the need to maximize the functionality of your outfit while still looking sleek and stylish, why not pair one of our cargo shirts with our staple 5-pocket cargo bottoms? You can't get more functional than that! Check out the full range of cargo shirts, bottoms, and other unique items we have to offer in our store!