Three T-Shirts You Need While Traveling | Oceans Gallery

Our designers have worked tirelessly to provide a range of clothing that push the boundaries of our understanding of classical forms in fashion, such as the illustrious T-shirt.

As a result, we feel we've provided a new and stylish way to add functionality to outfits without ruining their style. Our 3D Cargo T-shirts have proven to be a hit in the fashion world and make for the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe.

If you're a fashion-focused traveler who still needs to maintain functionality within their outfits, then our 3D Cargo T-shirt range is the perfect fit for your traveling needs.

Our range of colorways means that no matter your taste or style, we'll have a t-shirt that can fit perfectly with your traveling wardrobe. Are you a sun-seeker looking to visit the natural beauties of the world? Try our white T-shirt with a brown cargo pocket to give your outfit some extra flair!

Are you a city hopper looking for some extra subtle space to store your valuables? Our black-on-black 3D cargo shirt has you covered. The possibilities are endless with our tops range at Oceans Gallery.

If you're feeling the need to maximize the functionality of your outfit while still looking sleek and stylish, why not pair one of our cargo shirts with our staple 5-pocket cargo bottoms? You can't get more functional than that! Check out the full range of cargo shirts, bottoms, and other unique items we have to offer in our store!
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